Why Montessori?

How is Montessori Different from Traditional Preschools?

Introduction To The Montessori Method

What a child does during his early childhood shapes his future. The ‘Montessori Method’ provides the crucial framework a child needs to make the most of his early years. It is designed to foster cognitive development, assist speech and language development, strengthen fine motor skills, teach practical life skills, and promote independence, confidence, kindness, grace, and courtesy.

Beautifully Prepared Environment

Our environments are large, open spaces, framed by low open shelves which display a variety of  educational materials from which a child can choose freely. The attractive materials are scientifically and precisely designed to be “self-corrective” and lend themselves to repeated practice. A child using them can independently judge himself, without needing constant feedback from the directress, and so learning becomes a natural, self-reinforcing process. The furniture is child-sized and can easily be moved about by the children, who thereby learn to adapt the environment space to many different uses.


Montessori Materials

While most play-based preschools have the same type of toys you already have at home like Think Legos, dress-up corners, trains and blocks. Montessori schools offer something different to your child. The scientifically designed material is beautifully displayed at low open shelves, each one teaching multiple skills and enabling the preschool child to problem solve, to use his hands and all his senses, to repeat an activity and achieve mastery over it.


At AIS, we source the material from the authorised sellers. It is also important to note that we make sure that the materials are not misused and respected equally by the child and the adult.

Mixed Age Group, a Caring Community

Montessori Schools group children from 1.2 to 3 years in one environment and 3 to 6 years children into another environment unlike most play-based programs that segregate children by age into Junior and Senior Kindergarten. A child stays with the same directress for three years. This builds strong lasting relationships between the child and the directress and social bonds and interaction between children of different ages.

The multi-age environment offers each child a chance to be a leader. Unlike traditional education, where leadership is often based on an outgoing personality, students enjoy mentoring their younger classmates while the younger children look up to the older children and get a preview of the alluring work to come. Every child, whether outgoing or shy, is given the opportunity to lead. This is a wonderful experience that will serve your child for the rest of his or her life.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

Most preschools have ratios of 20:1 and sometimes even higher. The student teacher ratio at AIS is 6 Toddlers to 1 Montessori Directress and 15 Pre-school Children to 1 Montessori Directress. It means that your child will receive more individualized attention as well as aspire to a lifetime of learning.