Passionate Staff

Our Aim

At AIS, our goal is to serve both the child and the parent, equally. We are passionate about equipping each individual child with Knowledge that is an Aid to Life, and we’re professionals who understand that in addition to wanting a great experience for your children, you need to find a school that also caters to your own needs, both practical such as having schedules that allow you to work and personal such as wanting to feel connected to your child even when you are not with him or her.

Our Hiring Process

We are very selective in our hiring process and actively recruit the best directresses, selecting from those who hold the top Montessori credentials. All our teachers have undergone the demanding, year-long training courses offered by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the original Montessori training organization founded by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Our Approach

At AIS, we have outstanding teachers who are passionate about inspiring children and have a deep expertise in their field of work. They are highly-trained, passionate directresses, supported to do their best in every classroom, every day. Directresses who care about their children and their work and who stay with us for a long time and provide a stable, caring environment for both students and parents. We know, first hand, that at AIS, our children thrive under the care of their AIS directresses, that they learn Knowledge for Life, coming home each afternoon with new skills, new knowledge, and that joy of being excited by learning.

Our Head of Departments

We are deeply committed to providing quality education and thus have a specialised Supervising Faculty that consists of Ms. Zarin Malva and Ms. Sheroo Desai. They both hold Montessori credentials themselves, and have taught in classrooms for more than a decade. Ms. Zarin Malva is also a Trainer for the AMI Montessori Teacher Training Course and Ms. Sheroo Desai conducts Language Immersion Program at AIS. They believe that education is crucial for a better future–for each child, and for the world. They function as designers and a link between the child and the environment, role model, demonstrator, and a meticulous observer of each child, his capacities and his growth.