Beautifully Prepared Environment

In real life, adults prepare the environment according to their needs and convenience. The child is treated as a forgotten citizen that’s why Dr. Montessori insisted on ‘Preparing the Environment’ for the child. At AIS we follow this Montessori principle of the Prepared Environment with great dedication keeping in mind the needs of the child.

The prepared environment is the environment for the children and their needs and conveniences. The materials or the elements in this environment are specifically designed to aid the child in his self-construction. The children in this environment facilitate maximum independent learning with Freedom within Limits where the child is free to work at his own pace and make choices while being aware of the basic regulations to be followed and build a wilful and orderly work process.

We have seven beautifully prepared Montessori Environments.

They are clutter free and hygienic with adequate space for the children to move and work.

They are air conditioned, naturally lit making them welcoming and bright with light and pleasant interiors.

The Furniture and equipment used in the classroom is proportionate to the child’s size, is also aesthetic and made of natural material which makes them easy to access but also builds confidence, security and a sense of belonging.

To introduce the child to the world of Art, Music, Culture and Literature we have specifically designed segments such as our reading corner, art section and a music and audio visual section which caters to their needs.

Overall our child friendly, hygienic and thoughtfully laid out Prepared Environment that consists of the Montessori Material and the Trained Montessori Directresses offers the child security and protection to work in. It caters to the capacities of your child and gives the desired freedom that the child requires for self-formation while being guided with rules at the same time.