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The early childhood period is recognised as the most important phase for mental and physical development for the children. It is imperative for parents to opt for the right preschool following a well-planned and formalised curriculum which satiates the children’s need for overall development and proves to be an asset to their learning journey.

Hike in language development

Since toddlers have an innate ability to grasp and learn the language being spoken around them quickly, our Toddler Program is carefully designed to deliver rich vocabulary within the daily Environments. The children are encouraged to participate in conversations thereby helping them to express themselves more freely. Toddlers are exposed to real objects whenever possible, so that they form better association of the objects with their names.

Gaining independence focusing on care of self and environment

Children gradually learn to be independent and no more solicit the help of adults by learning and practicing the principles of self-care and care for the environment. The children master complex everyday activities as they are broken down into manageable steps giving them the confidence to develop basic skills necessary for their future life. Taking care of the Environment encourages Toddlers to interact with their surroundings and exhibit respect and love.

Refined motor skills

We lay emphasis on development and refinement of motor skills with a two-fold approach that focuses at building hand eye coordination along with dexterity and strength while laying a strong foundation of academics, by providing the children with a wide range of materials to manipulate as their imagination dictates. This paves the way to exploration, learning and creative expression. Toddlers are also able to perform their everyday tasks with confidence and develop better self-esteem.

Social skills emphasizing on grace and courtesy

The sensitive period between 1.2 years to 3 years is the appropriate age to learn social skills. Good social skills include basic manners, etiquette, problem solving, emotional control, and patience. Our Toddler Program gives the children the required exposure to be able to interpret and react to different social situations and behaviors. We focus on grace and courtesy allowing the children to perform these actions when the heart prompts the gesture.

Initiation of self-correction and self-assessment

Our materials are designed to be self-teaching and self-correcting. The material builds the willingness in children to make mistakes, to take an added risk and correct themselves because that is when the learning happens. It is almost as if the material calls out to the children to use it in an appropriate manner, in the way that teaches them the intended lessons. Toddlers eventually grow into adults who are capable of making good decisions.

  • Experiential Development
    Providing responsive interactions and experiences focusing on all areas of development depending on the quality and reliability of young children's relationship with parents and adults.
  • Optimal Development
    Attending to the children's need for affection, nutrition, two-way communication and physical activity.
  • Social Development
    Helping children to mingle with others and build healthy relationships while developing their own self-identity.
  • Language Development
    Understanding when to expand on the children's initiative, when to guide, when to teach and when to intervene.
  • Cultural Development
    Introducing children to different cultures and its values and discarding stereotypes by celebrating various festivities.
  • Behavioral Development
    Assessing how children are carrying out their activities through the day and inculcating a routine for learning and loving.

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