• We have only wonderful things to say about our ACTIVITY INFANT SCHOOL.

    It is by far one of the best investments we have made in our lives.

    We have loved our experience at ACTIVITY INFANT over the past years the administration, the teachers, the friendships and the education have all exceeded expectations.

    It has been amazing to watch our son Aryaveer transition to a little boy during this time.

    We love how the school adds structure and routine and education all while still giving lots of affection and nurture and flexibility as needed to each child.

    Our son’s vocabulary, skills, social play, and general sense of independence have all taken off before our eyes.

    We feel very blessed to have found this wonderful pre-school!

    It is such a friendly and nurturing place that has taught him so much but also has taught him to love learning and couldn’t imagine a better environment for our little ones.

    We feel so fortunate to have such a great staff attend to the development and educational needs of our kid and can already see the amazing results in our child.

    The directress love our children for who they are. We are happy with their academic and social/emotional development in the school and the way the teachers present the stories is amazing! Our kids come home and know not only the overall story and message, but remember several of the details!

    We feel secure leaving the kids in their loving and godly hands.


    Mrs. Amruta Kshirsagar - Mother of Aryaveer.
  • Activity Infant School is a great institution for all round development of children.

    We set high expectations at Activity Infant School and are concerned with the success of every single student. I believe everyday is a new opportunity to learn. My main goal is to prepare my students to be successful in life. Activity Infant School is our second home where we feel welcome and appreciated. I have enjoyed teaching the students as well as learning from them. The best teachers continue to learn and grow.

    Richa Kapoor – One of our Senior Montessori Teacher with Activity Infant for the last 15 years .
  • It gives me immense pleasure to write about Activity Infant School – a school which I passed out joyously from.

    I always looked forward in sending my child, Freyana there to stay connected. Hence I put her there right from Toddlers. School teachers in the Montessori give individual attention to each child. They teach etiquettes, which is very important for me and which is needed in today’s world to survive. They also mould the child to gain sense of responsibility and to become independent. The Montessori Method helps the child to retain what they have learnt. Various methods adopted to study the same topic ensures that the child picks up the topic at least if not by this way then surely the other way. Having said this all the above has helped my daughter Freyana to become a confident girl.

    Thanks once again.

    Viv S. Patel - Exstudent and Mother of Freyana Patel.
  • One of the best method adopted by Activity Infant school is the Montessori Method of Education.

    The school has provided the latest and constructive material for the children to learn new concepts from working with the material rather than only instructions. The students are free to pick up the work of their choice which encourages them.

    There are wonderfully trained teachers. The classroom material and lessons include language development, maths, science, arts and much more. Lessons are typically presented in small groups and then children are free to follow up independently. It improves concentration and focus on activities. The school has made students disciplined, independent and eager to go to school. The school not only helps them academically but also does activities. Teaching kids with audio- visual method is one of the best ways. In short the school develops our child in different activities, communication, exactness, exploration, manipulation of environment, order and discipline, orientation and self- perfection.

    Richa Parikh - Mother of Kayaan Parikh.
  • We enrolled Jinita in Activity Infant School when she was a two year old toddler.

    The Montessori Method was new for me and I did not know what to expect but soon the remarkable results of this technique were apparent. The well-rounded curriculum ensured that my child was exposed to a range of activities related to sensory-motor, daily life, language, geography, science, culture, art, etc. The activities were arranged on open shelves and she could choose what she wanted to work with, thereby making her independent and ensuring that she learnt organically at her own pace. A fine balance was maintained between work (structured) time and play (unstructured) time which ensured that her reading, writing, mathematics and problem solving skills were also honed. Jinita never ceases to surprise us with the things she learns at school; be it buttoning her shirts, helping with cleaning, making dough, her vocabulary, awareness about topics like water conservation, recycling… the list is endless. The experience that she is receiving through the Montessori Method and the guidance of her wonderful, patient and caring teachers is an important cornerstone during these formative years.
    Thank you Activity Infant School!
    Shweta Shah- Mother of Jinita Shah.
  • At the outset, we would like to thank Activity Infant school for providing a Montessori based structure for our kids.

    We have been happy to have introduced our kids to a structure which has enabled them to be more independent, empathetic, sufficient training in gross motor skills and most importantly, been able to identify the areas they enjoy the most and learn accordingly. They have now started doing things Independently at home and infact help us with our daily activities. These may be small things, but it is because school has constantly endeavored them to emerge as an individual with “self-regulation”, concentration and independence. Due to all this, they are now active seekers and do not hesitate to ask WHY.

    It is said that learning has its way and we have to facilitate. Both our kids have always been excited and we have not had one incident of crying for coming to school. In fact, last week due to heavy rains, we decided not send her to school but she insisted to go school.

    As parents, we feel very proud when our son speaks fluent English with good accent in our social circles, everyone esquires about which school he going. Our son now has a decent command on the language for their age and can communicate their feelings clearly and confidently.

    We have great confidence in the Montessori methodology and the results that it brings. To this day, me and my wife feel that there could not have been a better choice.

    Rajesham & Lavanya Alle - Parents of Murari R Alle and Masasa R Alle.
  • My son is studying in Activity Infant School since he was 1 year and 3 months old.

    We had heard many good things about the school and it really lives up to it.

    The school is located in one of the posh localities of South Mumbai and is one of the best with co-ed education. Not many schools in Mumbai and in India has Montessori Method of teaching which the school has. The school not only teaches but has lived up to the standards of Montessori Method of teaching the students. The way our son has been groomed in this school is amazing. We can really make out the difference in him when he is in a group of other school children. The knowledge and the roots of discipline and cleanliness which this school has planted in our child is beyond our imagination. Apart from speaking English fluently without any grammatical mistakes, reading and writing, the school has developed in him very high grade of analytical and motor skills. At this tender age of 6 the school has taught him to be self- dependent and disciplined. At this small age he takes care of all his daily life activities.

    Further a step ahead, we really admire the efforts and the pain taken by the school faculty in grooming the child. Apart from all the above taught by them, they have sown the seeds of cleanliness in him to deep extend such that in our house even if we throw waste on the floor, he picks up the broom by himself and cleans it!!!!

    We, as parents are really happy to have our child at the right place and are more than satisfied with his progress in all fields of language, learning and analytics.

    If schools are considered to be the temple then this school is the pilgrimage of it.

    Mrs. Mehta - Mother of Himnish.
  • OUR BEST DECISION EVER! Keeping our son Rushad in the Montessori section of Activity Infant school was one of the best decisions ever taken.

    The Montessori Method of teaching is an ultimate method for giving educational base to a growing child. Rushad learnt to be independent at a very early age. Multi-age classroom helped him to learn from and support his classmates in daily activities. Rushad is always excited and eager to go to school as he is learning things in which he is interested.

    The school provides excellent teaching methods of tracing, reading with correct pronunciation, framing sentences and good vocabulary. The teachers are well trained to impart the correct methods of teaching and take immense care and pains in their students. The teachers are always approachable and are open to taking feedback. The school environment is child- friendly and safe.

    Zubin and Anahita Gheewala - Parents of Rushad Gheewala.
  • The Montessori process and way of learning is enabling them to not only learn new things…

    The Montessori process and way of learning is enabling them to not only learn new things, but also showing them practical application of learning, which is critical to their growth.

    I am able to see their development and am happy to have involvement with the teachers who involve parents in the learning process as well.

    Both our children have developed both educationally and in their individual personalities. I am proud of their confident nature, enthusiasm and positive attitude to learning new things. I believe it is a combination of innovative teaching methods, dedicated and knowledgeable teachers and the right attitude to learning at the school which is helping make our children better rounded individuals.

    Our children especially look forward to the annual concert which is a lot of fun for the children and the parent, but also helps them gain confidence and build their character.

    Mrs. Lord - Mother of Jimmy and Alana.
  • A smiling face, every morning is what I encounter when I wake up Parth to go to school.

    That itself speaks volumes about the environment and the people at the place of his education. He simply loves going to school.

    I can see for me that he is being nurtured with love and affection without compromise on Discipline.

    Parth enrolled into school at 15 months of age and it took him a good month to settle down, but through it all the teacher and staff were extremely patient, the result of which is visible now, AN INDEPENDENT , ORGANISED AND EAGER TO LEARN CHILD….. And this is just the beginning.

    Mrs. Narula - Mother of Parth.
  • My association with AIS started in 2003 as a Directress and from then on it’s no looking back.

    As an educator and a parent I found AIS as a perfect place to enrich my career while providing an amazing educational foundation for my own child to be independent and responsible.

    There is a very homely feeling here for me as an adult in the environment as well as for my child who was also a part of this institution.

    As a parent I feel the Montessori education is the greatest gift any parent can give to their child.

    My child had excelled reading and maths at an early age of 4 1/2 and due to this he enjoys learning and has also excelled in these areas.

    Pooja Patel - Montessori Teacher and Mother