Activity Infant School organized a wonderful summer camp called Budding Stars for the children from the age group 3-6 years. The summer camp was conducted over a period of 3 weeks and was full of experience rich activities created within a fun-filled environment.

Every year during the summer vacation, we shall held similar summer camps with different experiences for the children.

Summer Camp

Week 1

Budding Stars organized a World Culture Festival week with wonderful children! Children painted the room red with two wonderful festivals namely Halloween and Tomatino! They also had a sneak peak into the Chinese culture by visiting The Prince of Wales Museum!


Week 2

Budding Stars took these young ones on a journey through the Nehru Science Centre. The entire week had been about inventors and inventions! Children learnt about the inventions and inventors of the computer, umbrella, hot air balloon and car.


Week 3

Budding Stars had a fun-filled Sports Carnival week. The children learnt about a variety of sports which included badminton, hockey, football and cricket. The highlight of the week was the day the children got to play their favorite games like snakes & ladders, ludo, football, cricket, badminton, lawn tennis, etc.