• Transport

    Activity Infant school has an excellent fleet of comfortable, well-maintained buses with trained staff. The school transport is provided to students on first-cum-first serve basis, subject to availability of seats.

    The main aim is to provide safe, comfortable and efficient service to our parents and children. There is no compromise with the safety aspects and guidelines are strictly adhered to.

  • AC Environments

    Air-Conditioned Environments

    We have a centrally air-conditioned school to make learning comfortable and safe for the children. This ensures that the children are working in -

    • A peaceful environment that in turn helps them concentrate better
    • A Clean hygienic surrounding free from dust and external bacteri
  • 15079956398_38d0ed0f79_k

    Interactive Whiteboard

    For us at AIS we decided to install the Interactive whiteboard as a pedagogical tool that allows creative teaching and motivates children into absorbing information whilst staying in sync with the Montessori way of Learning.

    Teaching with an interactive whiteboard allows our directresses to accommodate all different learning styles -

    • Tactile learners get to touch and move things around the board. They can write words on the board and highlight elements
    • Visual learners benefit from a clear view of what is happening on the board and can learn by simply observing
    • Audio learners can listen to what is being played which then allows them to participate in class discussions
  • Out Door Area

    Active Play

    We basically try to ensure that children "huff and puff" once in a while, as that for us is active play. At AIS we provide our children with active play once every few days either through structured or unstructured activities conducted indoor or outdoor.

    We make clever use of the space and think creatively, whereby our children are not just moving but they are moving in ways that help them grow and develop. We do this by providing certain rules, time limits and special equipment to ensure the safety of our children.

  • Safety

    Safety Cameras

    We take the necessary safety measures into place to ensure that the children are in a secure environment

    • Surveillance Cameras are installed across all environments
    • Proximity Collection Cards are given to all parents
    • Fire Safety rules are maintained
    • First Aid requirements are met with for common risks
  • Counselling


    We have an in-house counselor in order to explore difficulties that our children are facing.

    This helps us see things more clearly, possibly from a different viewpoint that the environment directress cannot. This then enables us to communicate with the parent, with a goal to facilitate positive change in the child. Confidentiality is paramount through this process.