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Our children are empowered as readers, writers, critical thinkers and mathematicians thus laying the foundation for learning in multiple academic areas. Our Pre-Primary Program is designed specifically to foster social and cognitive development and make the children well-informed, passionate, joyful learners and citizens of the world.

Practical Life

The goal of practical life lessons is two-fold, firstly by training children to be independent and secondly by helping them develop a broad range of mental and physical skills. Children soon become independent of adult help and learn a wide range of important life skills such as concentration, functioning, social skills including grace and courtesy, gross motor and fine motor skills and coordination and sense of order. Practical life exercises thereby help children in developing an orderly way of thinking.


Children naturally learn to classify and organise their environment through their senses which in turn develops their capacity to be active-minded, inculcate uninterrupted concentration and be more observant. Through the senses, children study the environment and through this study, they begin to understand the environment, thereby becoming sensorial explorers. It encourages exploration using sight, sound, smell, taste, weight, contour, dimension, shape and texture and builds a firm cognitive foundation for children to grow into independent conceptual thinkers.


The language program is structured carefully thus enabling children to joyfully learn the basics of reading and writing, well before they enter High School. Language preparation begins from 3.5 years upto 5.5 years, helping children develop the sensations of language through correct phonetics, writing exercises and firm grip to the pencil. Children are made to put their language skills to practice by being encouraged to communicate freely with other classmate and Directress.


The carefully sequenced, concrete and manipulative material help the children acquire a grounded understanding of the meaning of arithmetic operations. Children move from understanding what numbers are through simple number activities and advances to learn slightly complex mathematical operations. Our curriculum and teaching methodology are designed to develop children's love for mathematics in a way that other programs simply don’t. The mathematical minds of the children are trained to estimate, quantify, find similarity and differences and recognize patterns, to make order and to control error.


The cultural subjects enable our children to acquire an early interest in learning about the world, its natural wonders, its people, history, its music and art. Children are given the opportunity to travel and explore the world from within their Environments and to acquire the knowledge base thereby to pursue further studies in elementary school and beyond. By igniting this spirit of global citizenship in children, they develop peace, harmony and respect for all people, which makes them good citizens of the nation and the world a better place to live in.

Children who graduate from our Pre-Primary Program attain a self-paced, sequential progression from concrete materials and abstract operations across all the areas mentioned above, along with a competitive edge.

Through our Pre Primary Program, our children attain the above-mentioned advantages through our key features as mentioned below which help them blossom in the finest form during their crucial years.

Self-dependence, motor skills and cognitive control

Children learn the scope and sequence for everyday routine and practices and develop interest specifically in the areas of care of self and care of the environment. Just like other areas of learning, the Exercises of Practical Life activities also have an academic perspective that elevates and empowers the children.

Read, write and explore

As children transition to elementary school, they become an articulate person, being able to communicate their thoughts and ideas about a variety of subjects by using well-formed sentences. Children are able to apply basic phonetic rules, follow multi-step commands and develop an extensive vocabulary. Our Directress ensures that the children master literacy with joy.

Reality-focused learning

By the age of 6 years, children have already experienced and practiced working without needing adult supervision, gained the ability to observe carefully, develop problem-solving skills and have a conceptual approach to the world. They also become more logical, perceptive and aware.

Confidence in working with large numbers

By starting early, our 6-year-olds learn many abstract mathematical concepts and facts using concrete material typically taught in 2nd or 3rd grade. Children can count as far as they want, understand the concept of place value and can perform different operations right from addition to fractions.

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