Typical Day at School

At AIS we have long, uninterrupted work cycle that allows children to fully engage in tasks that they have chosen for themselves, under the careful, individual guidance of their directress. As adults, we can’t focus when we know we’ll be interrupted soon; neither can children. So we give our children repeated opportunities to get really engrossed in their activities and experience regular states of concentrated focus.

The children are encouraged to work within small groups as well. These groups are sometimes spontaneously formed or sometimes are arranged ahead. The Directress also covers fortnightly themes as a part of their group work whereby the children are exposed to different aspects across varied topics.

Your Child’s Curriculum

The environment is arranged according to the following areas – Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Culture. All the areas are introduced to the child in an integrated manner, a child can choose any activity from all these areas through his work cycle.

Your Childs Curriculum

The curriculum is progressive in nature and is designed to the child’s age group. The child completes all the activities at his own pace. Through these activities, each child joyfully refines his gross and fine motor skills and ultimately progresses to reading, writing and arithmetic into the thousands, all while in preschool.

How We Teach?

Instruction in our Montessori Environments is one-on-one, or in small groups. The directress first introduces an activity that is at the right level of difficulty. She presents the activity while seated next to the child, moving her hands slowly and precisely so that he can observe her actions. She then has the child repeat the activity and the child is free to explore and can work with it for as long as he or she likes. As he or she repeats the activity over a period of time, he acquires mastery of both the motor skills involved and of the abstract concept such as length or colour manifested by the material.

Directresses at AIS

At AIS, we only have directresses who have completed a yearlong program with Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) – after a Bachelor’s degree.

Our directresses genuinely love and fully understand the needs of children. A typical directress at AIS has at least three years of experience, and many of our directresses have been Montessori directresses for at least over a decade.

What Your Child Gains?

The mixed age group enables children to work at their own level of understanding and development. Children do not feel the pressure of working at a specific level. Montessori preschool children learn more and grow into mature, socially skilled young people. They are all ready to go to the higher school. They achieve:

  • Practical skills for independence
  • Care of Self and Environment
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Grace & Courtesy along with Social Skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Reading, writing and arithmetic in preschool

what your child gains

How is Your Child Assessed?

There are no red marks, grades, rewards or any other form of assessment in our school. The directresses observe and maintain a Progress Card for the child, which is shared with parents during the Open House sessions that are conducted for parents.

How is Your Child Assessed

Character Building of Your Child?

We at AIS believe that the child is a creator of his own personality. Our work is to aid the child in this task. The children are equally responsible to take care of themselves, the environment and each other. All this becomes a part of them and the child grows up to be a responsible member of the society. Our aim is to develop successful learners who are self- confident, respectful, responsible, and most of all, happy.