Extra Curricular Activities


Academic Faculty

We integrate sports and Montessori at AIS. Our children participate in Sports that are unique, have no competitive factor and yet nurture the sportsman spirit in the children without the concept of winning or losing. Our Annual Sports Day is designed keeping the Montessori Concept and Education in mind and help the children apply what they have acquired from the environment. These events are conducted once in a year and the children love to participate in them. The children take part in events like building the Pink Tower and Racing, Dressing themselves up and many more.


Academic Faculty

We love watching our children explore and interact beyond the school environment and so we do certain excursions throughout the year. These excursions are looked over by the directress in charge with limits set in place. This ensures safety, security and responsibility during the outings. We conduct the excursions to theatres where they enjoy watching movies, various factories and community services like fire station that help children gain knowledge about how things are done. They also go for field trips to the aquarium and zoo where they can observe the animals for real. The older children also go for overnight trips where our children get the opportunity to independently manage themselves and their fellow mates.

Art Appreciation

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Our art activities are not designed to produce a product, but instead for the child to interact with the world and develop himself. Art is one of the many forms in which children express themselves. Through art, children express their feelings. They develop fine motor skills. We at Activity Infant School, firmly believe in this and provide open ended art activities for the children to explore and use their creative imagination.

We provide children with a rich art area. We give them a chance to choose their medium: paints, pastels, clay, pencils, crayons, and let their creativity flow. Here we also put great works of famous painters to inspire the child and get him acquainted to the world of Art and Culture.

Performing Arts

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Children are born performers, it is a sight to see our tiny tots mesmerize the adults with their performances year after year. The children actively take part not only in performing but preparing for the entire Annual Day Event. Each and every child of Activity Infant School takes part in a two-three hour event.