Enrichment Program

3 years to 6 years

How we Conduct This Program?

This programme gives your child best of both the approaches to education, the traditional method as well as the Montessori Method. Our programme as the name suggests works at enriching your child with an all-round growth not only academic wise but also an overall development in his knowledge base, confidence for language and mathematics and refining of his senses.

Our classrooms at AIS provide an Environment that is prepared for the child in a unique manner. This programme uses the Montessori Material and Development Activities that are scientifically designed so that the child can acquire maximum benefit. This programme will mainly focus on 4 areas that assist the child in his development.

What Areas Does This Program Cover?


Bring the World to your child

Culture is a diverse but important part of every society. Our program helps your child to learn and appreciate culture from all over the world may it be art, music, history, geography, botany or science. Unlike traditional textbook teaching this is done through various Language and Sensorial Activities that allow your child to take in culture from all over the world in an easy and long lasting manner, to know more about these activities.


Senses are the ‘Keys’ to the World

See your child explore his world through his senses. See him refine his senses, differentiate between colours, textures, smells, tastes, shapes and sizes. Be amazed at him taking the impressions of algebraic expressions, geometry, measurements and much more! To know more about these activities.



Give Expression to Experience

Help your child express in rich and clear Language. Hear him speak fluently, read independently and write beautifully. See him “Explode” into Language”. The Montessori Language Equipment is designed to cater to the child for a wonderful learning experience. The material helps him understand the alphabet, recognise the sounds and realise how these sounds form the words in so simple a manner that they come to spelling words themselves. The Montessori Method uses the child’s visual, acoustic and kinaesthetic senses to ingrain the alphabet in the child’s mind.


Nurture the Mathematical Mind

See your child coming to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with greater ease. Watch them enjoy working with large numbers, understand fractions and decimal systems like never before. See the fear of mathematics being replaced from your child's mind to enthusiasm and joy for working with numbers.

Our scientifically and precisely designed material can be handled by the child and intrigues your child’s mind while developing it through first hand experiences, where work becomes a joyful experience and creates a mind for the future.


Each child learns at his or her own pace. To assist each child in an individualised manner we have directresses who are trained in the Montessori Method through AMI and who have the skills to observe and understand your child. This knowledge helps them to tailor the lesson as per the needs and abilities of your child. Thus each child progresses at his own speed without being pushed or held back and is guided by this trained adult who understands and respects your child’s individuality and uniqueness.

3 to 6 Years Tuesday & Thursday 5.15 p.m. to 6.45 p.m.

He gets the benefit of learning in the traditional and the Montessori way

Child is often more excited to learn because he is learning about things in which he is interested in a different and unique manner.

He is working with multi-sensory materials for physical exploration that he can handle and manipulate by himself and hence the child discovers own concepts from there self-teaching materials.

Self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori classroom approach. As the child matures, he learns to look critically at his work and become adept at recognizing, correcting, and learning from his errors.

Child reinforces own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success.

Child sets her own learning pace and is not forced to learn, this gives the child a sense of freedom that makes learning enjoyable. The directress only assists.

The classroom being shared by children from 3 to 6 age group emphasise on cognitive and social development

Unlike traditional method the directress-pupil ratio is approximately 1 to 10 which helps the directress focus on your child and create a unique lesson plan for him.

The environment and method encourage self-discipline, with assistance from teacher.

Your child learns more about the prevailing cultural topics not only from his country but also from around the world.

For Enrolment please write to us at: info@activityinfantschool.com