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At AIS we offer a range of extra-classroom activities through our Enrichment Program for holistic development of the children. Parents can choose to enroll their children in any one or more than one of the programs offered; that include arts, dance, gymnastics and academic support. These programs are conducted in our safe Environments, by professional experts, post school working hours. These programs aim to develop your child's talent, passion, interest and confidence thus bringing a positive development in their personalities.

Dance For Kid’s Program

The school has tied-up with renowned choreographer Shiamak Davar to present the Dance for Kids Program for children between ages 2 years to 6 years. This program empowers young children with the power of Performing Arts so that they can express themselves more creatively. Through well-trained instructors and comfortable batch size, the program aims to deliver quality training by teaching children correct dance techniques and giving them the knowledge of fundamentals.

Little Picasso Program

The Little Picasso Program brings out the hidden artists in children by stimulating their cognitive skills to reach to their full potential. This program is offered to all children between ages 2 years to 6 years and is conducted under the able guidance of senior Art Professionals who specialize in teaching children different art forms focusing on textures and techniques for an enriching experience. Every art session is designed to help the children develop their social, cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.

Fit and Fun Gymnastics Program

The Fit and Fun Gymnastics Program is specially curated for children between ages 3 years to 6 years to enhance their gross and fine motor skills. This program is conducted by professional Gymnastic Trainers using child-safe equipment, ensuring the utmost safety of the children. The routine focuses on developing discipline, coordination and flexibility in children, making them strong and confident individuals.

Academic Extra Class Program

The school conducts Extra Support Class Program to extend additional academic aid to Pre-Primary Program children. The school Directress conducts this program with an aim to devote more time and support to children. By enrolling for this program, children develop greater confidence in their abilities, get a chance to practice important concepts and become fully ready for a smooth transition to elementary school.

The Enrichment Program is also extended to children who are not a part of the school but would like to benefit from the extra-curricular courses offered. For more details on the course timing, eligibility, enrolment procedure and fees, we request parents to write to us on info@activityinfantschool.com

Kindly Note: Fees towards the Enrichment Program are in addition to the Tuition Fees charged by the school.

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