• Open House

    We invite our parents to have an interactive session with our directresses every quarter in order to learn more about their child’s progress. We give an overview of the child’s class activities based on the current curriculum and the outcomes of these activities are emphasized. General issues and concerns are discussed so that a mutual solution that can benefit your child is sketched out.

  • New Parent Orientation

    As new Montessori Parent one is unaware of the ‘how’s’ of a Montessori School and requires an introduction to the Montessori Way of Learning. Once the admission process is complete we go through a detailed induction session so the parents are made aware about the ways in which the school functions. Also they get an understanding of the rules and regulations and how they can assist their children.

  • Montessori Classroom Observation

    Parent & Child Montessori is your chance to experience “Montessori in a nutshell.” As required we invite certain parents to come visit us, observe the child during his work cycle within his or her environment and experience some of the typical daily activities, and learn from an experienced Montessori Directress. This is done so that the parent can assist the child at home.

  • Orientation to Transition Process

    Once the child is ready to migrate to either the Pre-School Program or to Standard 1, we take the parent through the details that are required to make this process stress-free and ensure we equip them with adequate knowledge.

    • Transition from Toddler to Pre-School Program
    • Transition from Pre-School Program to the Big School