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    Their Passion for Education

    Activity Infant School is one of the first schools to have introduced Montessori Curriculum in Mumbai and was founded by Mrs. Dolat Doongaji who saw the need to introduce Montessori Method of Education: An Education system created to create INNOVATORS.

    AIS Montessori Internationale still stands as one of the largest and leading Pre-Schools in South Mumbai following an International Montessori Curriculum certified by Association of Montessori International (AMI) – which is now owned and managed by Mrs. Perin Bagli MA, M.Ed and Secretary Treasurer of Association of ICSE Schools in Maharashtra.

    Today we have expanded our scale and are proud to announce the opening of our New Montessori for Toddler Environment from March 2017, giving the opportunity to children right from the age of 1.2 years to experience authentic and premium quality Montessori Way of Learning. An extremely prevalent method of Preschool Education in the western world that is now extended to our toddlers as well.

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    Mission and Philosophy

    At AIS, our aim is to allow each child to experience the excitement and joy of learning. We are committed and passionate about providing Authentic Montessori Education which is at par with global standards.

    At AIS, we carefully prepare our environments that complement the child’s natural curiosity.  Our well qualified and trained staff certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) guides the children to follow their interests, to work independently and directly prepares children for all that is needed before moving onto their ‘big’ school. - Activity High School

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    Beautifully Prepared Environments

    Dr. Montessori insisted on ‘Preparing the Environment’ for the child. At AIS we follow this Montessori principle of the Prepared Environment with great dedication keeping in mind the needs of the child. The children in our environment both indoor and outdoor facilitate maximum independent learning with ‘Freedom within Limits’.

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    Passionate Staff

    At AIS, our goal is to serve both the child and the parent, equally. We are passionate about equipping each individual child with ‘Knowledge that is an Aid to Life’, and we’re professionals who understand that in addition to wanting a great experience for your children, you need to find a school that also caters to your own needs.

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  • We Follow

    Authentic Montessori Practice

    Maria Montessori, the first female physician in Italy founded the Montessori Method in 1907. She recognised the critical importance of childhood learning. She spent 20 long years in developing “The Montessori Method”, an integrated program tailored to meet the developmental needs of children.

    At AIS, we follow the ‘Authentic Montessori Practice’ which focuses on the holistic development of your child. Through our Beautifully Prepared Environments we foster self-directed learning that enables the children to explore and discover confidently. The scientifically designed multi-sensory, sequential, and self-correcting Montessori Material promotes Independence, Concentration, Will and Social Skills. The Mixed Age Community interaction is intrinsic to Montessori, encourages a natural process of learning, develops empathy and social learning, cooperation and collaboration and respect for everyone.

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  • One of the best method adopted by Activity Infant school is the Montessori Method of Education.

    Richa Parikh - Mother of Kayaan Parikh.

    The school has provided the latest and constructive material for the children to learn new concepts from working with the material rather than only instructions. The students are free to pick up the work of their choice which encourages them. There are wonderfully trained teachers. The classroom material and lessons include language development, maths, science, arts and much more. Lessons are typically presented in small groups and then children are free to follow up independently. It improves concentration and focus on activities. The school has made students disciplined, independent and eager to go to school. The school not only helps them academically but also does activities. Teaching kids with audio- visual method is one of the best ways. In short the school develops our child in different activities, communication, exactness, exploration, manipulation of environment, order and discipline, orientation and self- perfection.

  • It gives me immense pleasure to write about Activity Infant School – a school which I passed out joyously from.

    Viv S. Patel - Exstudent and Mother of Freyana Patel.

    I always looked forward in sending my child, Freyana there to stay connected. Hence I put her there right from Toddlers. School teachers in the Montessori give individual attention to each child. They teach etiquettes, which is very important for me and which is needed in today’s world to survive. They also mould the child to gain sense of responsibility and to become independent. The Montessori Method helps the child to retain what they have learnt. Various methods adopted to study the same topic ensures that the child picks up the topic at least if not by this way then surely the other way. Having said this all the above has helped my daughter Freyana to become a confident girl.

    Thanks once again.

  • We enrolled Jinita in Activity Infant School when she was a two year old toddler.

    Shweta Shah- Mother of Jinita Shah.

    The Montessori Method was new for me and I did not know what to expect but soon the remarkable results of this technique were apparent. The well-rounded curriculum ensured that my child was exposed to a range of activities related to sensory-motor, daily life, language, geography, science, culture, art, etc. The activities were arranged on open shelves and she could choose what she wanted to work with, thereby making her independent and ensuring that she learnt organically at her own pace. A fine balance was maintained between work (structured) time and play (unstructured) time which ensured that her reading, writing, mathematics and problem solving skills were also honed. Jinita never ceases to surprise us with the things she learns at school; be it buttoning her shirts, helping with cleaning, making dough, her vocabulary, awareness about topics like water conservation, recycling… the list is endless. The experience that she is receiving through the Montessori Method and the guidance of her wonderful, patient and caring teachers is an important cornerstone during these formative years.
    Thank you Activity Infant School!

  • At the outset, we would like to thank Activity Infant school for providing a Montessori based structure for our kids.

    Rajesham & Lavanya Alle - Parents of Murari R Alle and Masasa R Alle.

    We have been happy to have introduced our kids to a structure which has enabled them to be more independent, empathetic, sufficient training in gross motor skills and most importantly, been able to identify the areas they enjoy the most and learn accordingly. They have now started doing things Independently at home and infact help us with our daily activities. These may be small things, but it is because school has constantly endeavored them to emerge as an individual with “self-regulation”, concentration and independence. Due to all this, they are now active seekers and do not hesitate to ask WHY. It is said that learning has its way and we have to facilitate. Both our kids have always been excited and we have not had one incident of crying for coming to school. In fact, last week due to heavy rains, we decided not send her to school but she insisted to go school. As parents, we feel very proud when our son speaks fluent English with good accent in our social circles, everyone esquires about which school he going. Our son now has a decent command on the language for their age and can communicate their feelings clearly and confidently. We have great confidence in the Montessori methodology and the results that it brings. To this day, me and my wife feel that there could not have been a better choice.

  • Activity Infant School is a great institution for all round development of children.

    Richa Kapoor – One of our Senior Montessori Teacher with Activity Infant for the last 15 years .

    We set high expectations at Activity Infant School and are concerned with the success of every single student. I believe everyday is a new opportunity to learn. My main goal is to prepare my students to be successful in life. Activity Infant School is our second home where we feel welcome and appreciated. I have enjoyed teaching the students as well as learning from them. The best teachers continue to learn and grow.